Helping you to stay safe

At Cornwall Hospice Care we like to think of all our employees as an extended family and as such want to share some helpful tips with you on staying safe.

Unplanned circumstances, such as breaking down in the car or missing the bus can easily place us in a vulnerable situation.

We hope that the tips and suggestions on this page about  keeping safe will help you …please feel free to share.

  • Always inform someone where you are going and an expected time of return.
  • Carry a mobile phone ensuring it has a charged battery and credit to make calls.


  • Where possible share journeys with someone else either using transport or walking.
  • When walking choose areas that are well lit and populated as often as possible.
  • Know places on route where you could go as a safe refuge ie police station, shop, pub, restaurant etc.
  • Fake it until you reach your destination People who look confident are less likely to be targeted by criminals.
  • Hold your car or house keys in your pocket, you will be able to access your home or vehicle without fumbling around and getting distracted.
  • Avoid the use of headphones. Wearing headphones affects your ability to detect sounds around you.
  • Call a friend or family member if you’re genuinely concerned, someone will be happy to take your call. Stay on the phone until you reach your destination and talk them through what’s happening.
  • Wear appropriate footwear for your journey.


  • Keep your car maintained and topped up with fuel. (Many garages offer winter checks).· Consider having the following items in your car: a torch (check battery and bulb regularly), a blanket, drinking water (hot flask in extremes of cold weather), a warning triangle, pen, and notebook in case of accident or breakdown.
  • Join a Breakdown service ie AA, RAC many of these prioritise people in vulnerable situations (lone female) if a breakdown occurs.
  • Keep doors locked whilst in slow moving traffic or stationary, especially if you do not know the area.
  • Keep house and car keys separate. Keep possessions to a minimum and close by.
  • Park as close as possible to the premises you are visiting/working.
  • Park under a lamp or in a well-lit area, preferably facing the direction you will need to leave in.
  • Glance round before unlocking and opening the car door. Be alert, be aware & be safe, remain calm and focused. Avoid groups of rowdy people.
  • If approached by a stranger do not open a window or door. Drive away and sound horn if threatened or trapped.
  • If an unmarked car attempts to stop you and you are unsure whether it is a police officer, signal that you intend to drive to the local police station or somewhere else where you will feel safe.