Funeral Collection

Thank you for choosing to support us with a collection. We understand that planning a loved ones funeral can be a difficult time and we are here to make it as simple and straightforward as possible.


We are very appreciative of any donations we receive from a funeral collection, those in memory of someone we have cared for are particularly special to us.

We have dedicated funeral collection envelopes available to make donations as discreet and simple as possible. If you would some envelopes please let us know and we will ensure they get to you in plenty of time. You can request these via our online form.

Some people choose to set up an online tribute page via our website. This can be used to notify friends and family of the funeral arrangements, but also to share memories and photos. It can also be used to collect funeral donations from those who may be unable to attend.

Please call or email Clare Bray (01726 66868 option 3) if you would like help ordering envelopes or setting up an online page or follow the links below.