Supporter Records

Once any supporter has had some interaction with us your details are added to our Supporter Records database and held for future use.

What details do you hold ?

We record name and contact details such as names and addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and also details of any gifts you've given to us.  We also note what events you have signed up for or attended.

Very importantly we also have the ability to record whether or not you are happy to receive communications from us, or whether you'd rather not hear from us.

If you need to tell us that we have got your details wrong, or you have changed name, address and so on you can tell us by clicking on this email address

or by downloading this form and posting it to us:


Facts and Figures

We currently have over 60,000 records of seperate people/organisations on our supporter records database and over 20,000 seperate gifts (donations, sponsorship, legacies, trusts, grants, events).

For details of how to sign up for our events, please follow the link to our events page Events