Mrs Thomas of Truro was our lucky jackpot winner in September and we have received a lovely letter of thanks. Mrs Thomas was over the moon at the win and was even generous enough to donate £100 back to Cornwall Hospice Care. Read Mrs Thomas' letter below:

Kate Triniman, aged 62, has been playing Cornwall Hospice Care’s weekly game every week since 2007.

On the 19th September, the grandmother of nine became the charity’s first maximum rollover winner for the top prize which had been accumulating in £200 increments for the last 50 weeks.

Mrs Triniman was at home babysitting for one of her grandchildren when she received the good news.

She said: “I can’t quite believe it. I have no idea what I’ll do with the money, perhaps some will go in our retirement pot. It will come in handy though as our daughter gets married next year and we are also planning a trip to Cyprus to see our son who’s out there.

“I started playing in 2007 after seeing a leaflet in a St Austell shop window about the lottery and thought it was a very good cause. We also had a family relative who spent time in Mount Edgcumbe Hospice so there was a personal link.”

The button to start the weekly draw was pressed at Mount Edgcumbe Hospice by patient Ann Roe from Camelford.

Mrs Roe said: “I wish this winner good luck and happy spending. She couldn’t have invested in a better cause and this is absolutely wonderful news for her and for Cornwall Hospice Care.”

Sarah Vincent, Cornwall Hospice Care lottery manager, described the day as exciting. She explained: “We’ve never reached the maximum rollover of £10,000 before so we knew we were going to make someone’s day.

“It was wonderful to phone and give Mrs Triniman the good news and then to meet her in person to say congratulations and thank her for her loyal support over the years.”


On 4th October 2013, Cornwall Hospice Care's weekly lottery rollover was finally been won, after 35 weeks of rolling. Sue Mead, 57, scooped £7,000 and had no hesitation in donating £1,000 back to the charity.

Sue, who lives in Menheniot, could not believe her luck when she was told of her win. "Sarah from Cornwall Hospice Care rang me to tell me I had won £7,000 and I thought it was a wind up. I thought it was my niece, Sarah" explained Sue.

"I never even dreamt about winning, I just do it to support the hospice since my friend received excellent care at Mount Edgcumbe Hospice in 2006. That's why I joined the lottery, it seemed right."

Angela Golley, a patient at Mount Edgcumbe Hospice, presented the cheque to Sue. After congratulating Sue, Angie told her: "It's absolutely fantastic here. I couldn't wish for anything better, they're a lovely bunch."

Sue, moved to Cornwall over 20 years ago and worked in the X-Ray department at Derriford hospital for 20 years. When asked how she would spend her winnings, Sue explained: "As well as the money I have given back to the hospice, I am giving a bit of money to my great nieces and great nephews - but not too much! My mum, who is a 92 year old youngster recently broke her hip, so I will buy her a new bed."

As for treating herself, Sue said: "I did, yesterday. I bought this jumper. £12.50 it cost me."

Cornwall Hospice Care's Lottery Manager, Sarah Vincent explained: "Our lottery generates money to help fund patient care at our two hospices, Mount Edgcumbe and St Julia's in Hayle. We are really pleased for Sue and extremely grateful for her donation of £1,000. It is a very generous gesture to share her luck."