Our Team

We are governed by a Board of Directors (Trustees), all of whom give time in a voluntary capacity to ensure that the charity is run appropriately and according to Charity Law. They have overall financial and legal responsibility for the organisation.

We also have a Chief Executive and Executive Team. The members are responsible for the day-to-day running of the charity and its associated trading companies. They report on a regular basis to the Board of Trustees.


We have a team of Specialist Palliative Care Consultants, led by our Medical Director, Dr Deborah Stevens, who work across the hospices, hospitals and community.  You may see different consultants at different times and settings but we work closely together as a team so that your care is consistent and plans are clear and agreed with you.

Our medical team in the hospices consists of speciality doctors, and doctors who are fully qualified but training further to become GPs or palliative care specialists.  These doctors spend months or years working with us as part of their training.

We often have medical students from the Peninsula College of Medicine/University of Exeter Medical School with us.  They are at a senior stage in their training and value their time with us to equip them to care better for patients when they qualify as junior doctors.  They always see patients under close supervision.  We will always ask if you are willing to see them and you are under no obligation to do so.

Our Trustees

Lesley Ross

Chair of Trustees

Dr Mary Turfitt

Trustee Chair Clinical Services

Alan Brownscombe

Chair Finance Committee

Margaret Geake

Vice Chair Income Generation Committee

Dr Raj Dhumale

Trustee Clinical Services

Dr Steve Hawkins

Vice Chair Clinical Services Committee

David Renwick

Chair Income Generation Committee

Lesley Clarke

Trustee Income Generation

Alistair Whyte

Trustee Finance Committee

Mary Anson

Trustee Clinical Services

Dr Colin Philip

Trustee Clinical Services
Our Executive Team

Paul Brinsley

Chief Executive

Dr Deborah Stevens

Medical Director

Dawn Tame-Battell

Director of Patient Services

Graham Clarke

Finance Director

Paddy Dummett

HR & Organisational Development


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