Visiting the hospices during Covid-19

Visitor access to our hospices is restricted to protect those in our care and our workforce.

Please use for up to date guidance on travelling between tiers, isolation and when to get a test. 


Can I visit a patient at the hospice?

On admission two designated visitors are identified for each patient. Only these two people can visit the hospices – they cannot be changed to allow for more visitors.

If the two visitors are not in the same household or bubble then they need to adhere to social distancing.  Rotating for shorter visits is advised.

In immediate end of life situations and at the discretion of the nurse in charge additional visitors might be able to come in for short visits – please speak to the teams on the unit.

Can families visit outside the visiting times of 2pm to 7pm?

Visiting should remain within the designated times – in immediate end of life situations it can be agreed with the nurse in charge to stay outside of these hours. This can potentially include overnight stays. This is at the discretion of the nurse in charge.

Longer exposure to any potential undiagnosed Covid-19 infection increases the likelihood of transmission.

Is there testing available for visitors?

If you are visiting our Mount Edgcumbe Hospice you can undertake a lateral flow test before visiting, this is recommended to help keep our hospice safe. Testing is available from 2pm each day, when you arrive please ring the bell in the car park.

You will receive a passport to record your test results.

This will be coming at St Julia’s Hospice in the coming weeks.

Do I need to wear a mask when visiting? Even in my loved ones room?

Visitors are required to wear a face mask when visiting the hospice. Face masks are provided and you can pick one up from the collection point and follow the instructions. Please place your mask in the designated bin when you leave the hospice.

Visitors are asked to keep their masks on throughout the duration of their visit and to remain in their loved ones room.

Can I visit from another area?

Visitors should be following the current government advice this includes advice on travelling outside of their area.

Any visits from other areas will require the visitor to isolate before arriving and to phone ahead on Mount Edgcumbe Hospice 01726 65711 or St Julia’s Hospice 01736 759070. This can only happen in immediate end of life situations.

If someone in my family is awaiting the result of a Covid-19 test can I still visit?

Visitors should be following the current government advice. If you are required to self isolate due to a potential case in your household or potential exposure you cannot visit the hospices.

If the result is negative, under the government advice, isolation would no longer be required.

Can children visit the hospices?

We are not able to routinely allow children under the age of 16 to visit at the moment. In some circumstances it may be possible, at the discretion of the nurse in charge. 

Can pregnant women visit?

Pregnant women are discouraged from visiting.

In immediate end of life situations and at the discretion of the nurse in charge it can be arranged. Please talk to our ward teams.

The person I am visiting is awaiting test results, can I visit?

You cannot visit your loved one if we are awaiting Covid-19 test results for them.

Can I video call a patient?

We have devices available on the wards to assist with video calling to help people stay in touch.

Please ask if you would like to arrange a video call with a patient Mount Edgcumbe Hospice 01726 65711 or St Julia’s Hospice 01736 759070.

We understand this is a difficult time. If you have any visiting requests please talk to our nursing team. We try to be flexible to fit individual needs, but we also have a duty to look after the safety of all our patients and our staff.