Getting referred to our hospices

Patients can be referred to us by any of the key healthcare professionals who are involved in their care, but always in liaison with their GP or hospital consultant so that we can ensure continuity and coordination of care. Most patients come into our units because they are having a difficult time with particular symptoms or the overall impact of their illness.

Patients can contact us direct, but we will always refer back to their GP or consultant to make sure the care is right for them.


``You are all stars and help make the Hospice a remarkable and precious sanctuary.``

In Patients

All patients will be assessed by our multidisciplinary team and a plan will be discussed and agreed with them and whoever – family or friends – they wish to be involved. This will be reviewed regularly throughout their stay.

Our average length of stay is around a week, but this varies a great deal depending on patient needs. We aim to discharge patients home or to an appropriate place of ongoing care, with the right support, once their acute symptoms and problems are stable. Many patients come in on more than one occasion over months or years during their illness. Some patients come to us near the end of their lives because they have care needs that can best be managed in the hospice, but many people are also supported in their own homes or other care settings. We are not able to offer respite care or long term care.

Out Patients

Outpatient clinics

Our consultants work with the oncology teams at the Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske to provide joint clinics in the Sunrise oncology centre.  These enable patients’ symptom and support issues to be addressed alongside their cancer treatments to ensure the best possible care at all stages of their illness.

We have a well established Pain and Palliative care service which enables patients with complex pain and palliative care needs to be assessed promptly in a joint clinic and have access to the most appropriate treatment, whether that is medication, interventional treatment such as nerve blocks, or physiotherapy and support.

Our consultants can also see patients as outpatients at the hospice units by referral from GPs or hospital consultants. Our specialist lymphoedema and physiotherapy teams see outpatients at both hospice sites.

We are able to offer outpatient treatments including blood transfusions and some drug treatments and procedures. This service is currently only available at Mount Edgcumbe Hospice though we hope to extend it in the future. Referral is by GPs or hospital teams.

In Hospital

We work closely together with the palliative care team at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals, with the teams at the community hospitals throughout Cornwall and with the Community Specialist Palliative Care Nurses. This means that patients can have a specialist palliative care review in any of the hospitals in Cornwall by a specialist nurse or a consultant, according to their needs.

In the Community

We provide a 24 hour/7 day specialist advice service for healthcare teams throughout Cornwall to support the care of patients, wherever they are. If a patient needs specialist review and is unable to be moved or travel, we can provide a consultant review at home, in a community hospital or care home at the request of the GP and community team. Our occupational therapists and sometimes our physiotherapists also review patients at home when needed.