Get our Hospice services closer to home

Whilst our two Cornish hospices are vital to care for and hospice support those who need our specialty in-patient services, we also recognised that we could harness our expertise and experience to support you earlier in your diagnosis and journey without asking you to come to one of our hospices. Our Community Services are now an integral part of the care we offer, closer to home.

Call 01726 829874 to speak to our Community Services Team or email communityservices@cornwallhospice.co.uk.

Developing community services closer to you

In 2017, we looked at how we could offer face-to-face hospice support and practical advice to support you closer to home to those with a terminal illness or progressive disease, support their carers, and help the bereaved. We also understood that offering this in a more relaxed, non-clinical setting would help you feel more at ease and less apprehensive about using our services.

We began in 2017 our Community Services offer with bookable and drop-in sessions in local village and community halls, run by our Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Therapy Assistants and our community services to support you have continued to evolve ever since.

Telephone and online hospice support

When Covid-19 came along, all our face-to-face activities temporarily stopped whilst in lockdown. As a result, we had to be resourceful and look at new ways of working to support you, so our services evolved, utilising telephone and online support in various ways.

We are here to support you no matter what

Today we can support you in your community with face-to-face and remote support, giving a more comprehensive range of options to suit you. All these services are free of charge and available to anyone who would benefit from them – you do not have to have an established connection to our hospices to use these services.

Neighbourhood Hubs

Our Neighbourhood Hubs are the cornerstone of our services in your community for those living with a palliative/terminal illness or a deteriorating progressive disease. Our Hubs also offer support for your Carers and those who are bereaved.

Our Occupational Therapists and trained volunteers offer one-to-one support and therapy, workshops and groups and bereavement support.

This free service is centred around your needs and what matters to you.

Find out more about the ways we can support you at our Neighbourhood Hubs.

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Bereavement support

An increasing need to help and support those dealing with grief and coming to terms with losing a loved one has meant we have expanded the bereavement support services we can offer.

We want to ensure that there is an option to suit you and how you feel most comfortable receiving that support, so we have developed telephone, online and in-person services, including informal drop-in sessions and more formal groups.

This service is free, and anyone can access this – you don’t need to have an established connection with our hospices to access our community bereavement support. You can learn more about all the options for Bereavement Support here.

Self-help resources

As well as our ‘hands-on’ support through our Neighbourhood Hubs and our Bereavement Support options, we recognise that sometimes you may just need a place that you can go to find out about other hospice support that is available both locally and nationally on a range of topics that may affect you and your loved ones.

So on this website, you’ll also find a variety of self-help resources that you can access 24/7 – from our own team’s advice films on managing your condition, audio recordings for techniques to help you with fears and anxieties, to webinars and e-newsletters to give you a better understanding of what you are going through and even a comprehensive directory of Useful Links to other organisations to help you understand your condition and signpost and support you.

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